A note from Ocean Pleasant.

Professional Astrologer & Cosmic Coach | Founder, Witchy Kid Collective

Every personality archetype, religion, and belief system can be traced back to the four elements. This is the foundational wisdom upon which everything in our world is based on. These are also the four pillars of astrology. 

It wasn’t until I understood my own elemental distribution that I was able to acknowledge my blind spots and orient my day, routines, and relationships accordingly. 

You may come to notice that just like the elements, life is seasonal. Your answers to this self-assessment may vary on a regular basis. Feel free to retake it as often as needed!

There may be a month where you feel lower in earth, and need to simplify your morning routine to avoid getting overwhelmed later in the day. 

Or perhaps you’ve been so busy with earth, that you haven’t moved your body in awhile and your fire feels low

The elements offer us a simple path back home to ourselves. Here’s to you and your own becoming. 

To the moon and back,

Ocean Pleasant